It has been sometime since I have gathered thoughts and put them to words on the blog.  For that I apologize.  It is not from a lack of enjoyment or passion, simply that expressing those emotions I find it difficult to describe.  As I sit on our back lani, on a late warm night, after an evening rain, I reflect on the first half of the year.  When you put your full heart into something, it is challenging to open up.  To show the true feelings.  Those feelings are true.  I don’t take one day for granted, one couple, one email.  Every moment pushes me to be a better photographer, better person.  I have had dates changed on multiple occasions because I was originally unavailable, budgets completely re-worked.  I am truly thankful.  For everyone I have encountered, for everyone I have had the privilege of photographing.

Imagery is what I strive to achieve.  To combine a series of photographs to form a greater story.  To document true emotion, true love, life...  It is a beautiful life God has blessed me with, and for that I am humbled.  Even though I may not put many words on here, know that I am inspired, moved, and so thankful for what I do and who I photograph.  I hope that expression is seen through the photographs.

A few months ago I documented one of the most beautiful stories in my life, it changed the way I see the world.